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The Six Principles

Safety | Leadership | Respect | Self Discipline | Focus | Confidence

True Spirit Team has been part of Taekwondo since its inception into an Olympic sport. 

We believe in a balanced approach to fitness, which is why we integrate meditation practices from Yoga into our training. This helps our students achieve physical, mental, and emotional well-being. 

Our dynamic fitness programs offer more than just strength and speed drills. We strive to instill discipline, respect, confidence, and leadership skills while also having fun. At True Spirit, we are committed to helping students "Tap Into Their Leadership" and reach their full potential.


Our highly skilled staff is dedicated to providing an energetic workout experience for students of all ages. We invite you to try a complimentary class and see for yourself how True Spirit can help you achieve your fitness and personal development goals.


Our classes include:

- Taekwondo Education 

- Martial-Arts Self-Defense Techniques

- Anti-Bullying Awareness and Prevention 

- Yoga and Meditation Practices

- Physical, Mental and Emotional Fitness  

Meet The Coach


With two decades of experience in the fitness industry, this Educator is both humbled and accomplished. He holds a Master's degree in Physical Education with a specialization in Sports Psychology, and has published a research thesis entitled ’The Effects of Pranayama Yoga on Stress and Anxiety’. Additionally, he possesses a second Master's degree in English Literature and has taught ESL.

Having extensive experience in martial arts, he has earned a 5th degree Master's Black-Belt in Taekwondo and is licensed in Korean Swordsmanship. He has participated in over a hundred competitions around the world, achieving many accomplishments as both an athlete and coach. He believes in continuous learning and holds several educational and professional certifications. His dedication to education led to a foreign university scholarship where he developed life skills, adapted to new cultures, and learned different languages.

Beyond his career, he has been honored with the rank of Assistance Professor at the Korean university he graduated from. He has also facilitated martial arts training at multiple Canadian institutions and developed youth violence prevention programs for the CBRM regional police initiative. He is incredibly passionate about providing combined physical, mental, and emotional fitness to all ages through his True Spirit Taekwondo and Wellness program.


In addition to being a member of Taekwondo Canada and the Kukkiwon Membership System, he is also a certified NCCP Dojang Coach, a National Referee of Canada, and a certified First-Aid CPR Level 'C' instructor. He is a published researcher and a dedicated yoga practitioner, as well as an experienced teacher. His mission in life is to contribute towards a better future. 


"My 5 year old recently started this program and is loving it! The atmosphere is very friendly, welcoming and Jatin is incredible with kids. What a great opportunity for this community!​"

- Ashley René 


"The excitement my son has when it is time for his dad and him go to their Taekwondo class is indescribable. They both are learning something new together and creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you to Master Jatin for helping them with their new Taekwondo journey."

- Samara Carter

"Growing up can be hard especially nowdays more then ever, it's great to see someone offering our community and children a proper chance at conquering this new age with proper discipline and something to ensure our youth have somewhere they can express themselves in a proper manner. Well done True Spirit Taekwondo."

 - Will R. Newell

"What an amazing Master to learn from! Known Master Jatin for the past few years and the experience of learning martial arts from him has been amazing! He has been an inspiration for me to start my Taekwondo journey 5+ years ago. Both my kids were trained by him and by far he is one of the best Instructors.  A perfect combination of knowledge with humble attitude, he delivers what he promises and that too with quality. True Spirit Taekwondo is the best place to learn best martial arts techniques and core values. If you are looking for a space to learn/develop martial arts, self defense, focus, discipline, perseverance and so much more...then True Spirit Taekwondo is just the right place for you and your kids!"

- Ram Ray

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