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True Spirit Team has been part of this traditional Martial-Art since it's transformation into an active Olympic sport known as 'TAEKWONDO'.

Yoga provides a sense of unity, a balance of Physical, Mental, and Emotional well-being, therefore, we integrated part of Yoga practices(MEDITATION) into our training.

Our dynamic fitness programs offer more than strength and speed drills helping students achieve a positive attitude in life while having fun and leaning about Discipline, Respect, Confidence, and Leadership skills.

True Spirit envisions to help students 'Tap Into Their Leadership'.

Our highly skilled staff is geared to deliver an energetic workout experience for ALL AGES.

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  • Taekwondo Curriculum 

  • Martial-Arts Self Defense Techniques 

  • Anti-Bullying Awareness and Prevention 

  • Yoga and Meditation Practices 

  • Group Fitness Classes

  • Personal Training 









What People Are Saying - Testimony

True spirit has been so great for my son! He has learned so much and is much more confident with his Taekwondo. I highly recommend!

Erin Aves

I'm so happy with the choice to put my daughter in this class! Master Jatin is so good with the kids and I'm surprised at how much she has learned already in a such a short time. She's gets excited to go each time!

Sonja Watt

TST provides great fitness, good structure and a very comfortable environment for both my advanced and beginner level children. Master Jatin does a great job and his warm disposition is a nice compliment to the high quality Taekwondo lessons. 

Kudos and many thanks TST!

Zach D'Abreu

This is a fantastic taekwondo academy for my 5 year old to learn this martial art, along with the other skills Master Jatin teaches his students (meditation, physical fitness etc.). We've found that this master has a great way with kids and knows how to encourage them; our son has really thrived here.





Master Jatin

An Educator with two decades of experience in the fitness industry. He is endowed with a modest personality, who practices self-discipline to maintain a state of well-being.


He has a master’s degree in Physical Education, majoring in Sport Psychology with a published research thesis on ‘Pranayama Yoga for Stress and Anxiety’.


He has obtained a second academic master’s degree in M.A English with experience teaching ESL.


Carrying out an extensive martial-arts background, he has earned his Master Black-Belt from ‘The World Taekwondo Headquarters’ (Kukkiwon), along with a license in Korean Swordsmanship and several professional certifications.

He has participated in various national to international events, experiencing a great deal of accomplishments as an Athlete, as well as a Coach.


His performance led him to a foreign university scholarship that cultivated the advancement of his life skills by adapting to new cultures, learning different languages, and setting a professional mindset.


Furthermore to his career, he is given an honorary Assistance Professor position at the same Korean university from where he was graduated. 

Master Jatin has facilitated martial-arts training at multiple Canadian institutions. He has proudly served CBRM regional police initiative on development of youth violence prevention program. 


He is incredibly passionate about ‘True Spirit Taekwondo And Wellness' working as Director of Operations, providing a complete physical, mental and emotional fitness regiment to all members.

His mission in life is to contribute towards global wellness.

  • Master at Kukkiwon Membership System

  • Member of Taekwondo Canada

  • National Referee of Canada

  • Certified NCCP Dojang Coach

  • Certified First-Aid CPR Level ‘C’

  • Yoga Practitioner/Teacher/Published Researcher


54 Union Street, Glace Bay, Cape Breton

902-565-3959  |  tkdmasterjatin@gmail.com


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